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                  Shenzhen Youlikang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It is a leading semiconductor official authorized agent in China and a distributor of first-tier foreign brand electronic components for more than 20 years. China and Hong Kong can cooperate with fast delivery to the world, with technical support and R & D team personnel. The company has logistics department, procurement department, business department, quality control department, technology department, research and development department, accounting department, personnel department, administrative department, etc. . The business consists of two members, the terminal factory and the trade team, which operate independently. The team members are professional, dedicated and dedicated in serving customers and friends in China and even many countries around the world.

                  One team is responsible for the official authorized agent line products. The agent brands include Ruineng / WeEn, Jiejiewei / JJW, Orund / ORIENT, Youshun / UTC, Luxin / Lu-Semi, and the team focuses on end customers market. We provide technical services and suggestion solutions at the fastest speed to support our customers to develop and design the latest products and boards. We also provide free samples to the end customers for testing, and also provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective domestic products. Suggestions and solutions to replace first-tier foreign brands. This can quickly help all our customers reduce costs, so that our customers have the best competitiveness in the market, and better play a higher share of power in the market!

                  One team is specifically responsible for large domestic and foreign brand products, focusing on the market of national trade customers. We have been operating domestic and foreign well-known brands for many years, including WeEn, JEIJIE, ORIENT, UTC, Lu-Semi, ST, ON, TI, INFINEON, TOSHIBA. , INTEL, SILAN, EVERLIGHT, LITEON, CJ, JRC, MIC, RECTRON, HF, POWER, RENESAS, VISHAY, MAXIM, PANJIT, NEC, KTP, NUVOTON, OB, SIPEX and other brands.

                   After years of operation and development, we have accumulated more than 2,000 customers in multiple cities across the country. Uleak is headquartered in Shenzhen and provides the best service to customers across the country every day.

                   Since the company's development for more than 20 years, we have received the strong support and love of friends from all walks of life and the entire internal team. From the company's internal management and product quality control guarantee, we keep pace with the times, and the pre-sales and after-sales service system has been comprehensively improved and Continuous improvement, in order to better ensure that we can meet the needs of today's new and old customers. In the future, we will learn more and do our best to better serve each of our guests and friends. We will continue to build upon our future and provide you with higher quality products and satisfactory services with greater confidence and professional experience.

                    Thank you friends from all walks of life for their support over the years. In the future, we will work together to create a win-win situation!

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